Warwick Fabrics in Australia

We are proud to carry Warwick Fabrics, makers of world-class furniture grade fabrics. They not only come in a vast assortment of colours and patterns, but they also have a 3-year guarantee on manufacturer’s defects. If you find anything wrong with your fabric within that timeframe, it will be replaced. Warwick Fabrics have been offering upholsterers top of the line fabric and accessories since 1966. All fabrics are Australian-made, so you can feel good about buying locally. They are also committed to using safer and more environmentally friendly methods in their manufacturing process. They are pioneers in the realm of creating high-quality, durable fabrics and we are excited to offer their beautiful products to our customers.

Montauk — fabrics in Tuncurry, NSW

You can find a wide range of beautiful colours and patterns within our residential collection. Give your home a pop of colour or play around with designs and patterns to add a new textural layer to your living space. You will find that these fabrics are inviting, soft and ideally suited for a residential setting. Additionally, they still have the three year guarantee that ensures that you are getting a durable and quality product. Browse our selection now.

Jessica — fabrics in Tuncurry, NSW
Warwick Fabrics knows that you need a special type of fabric for your commercial applications. We offer subdued patterns and textures that are suited for public spaces, combined with superior durability that is designed to last and last throughout the years. You will find that we carry a large assortment of commercial fabrics to suit your needs. Whether you’re upholstering chairs or drapes, you will find a fabric here that meets your needs.